13 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Take Boron Everyday

This was a fun video created after reading some information on Boron's nutritional value and every time I check it's received more views on Youtube, though I haven't been promoting it. I had found the article shown in the video and decided to boil it down for myself. Once I did, those became the bullet points for the video. Personally, I think that's very important... this was a summary of various research projects, not just the promotion of someone selling supplements (there's also no affiliate link, though I wouldn't be opposed to an appropriate one. Once the channel gets 10,000 views, I will let Google monetize it and/or sell a link from the video to a site.)

Maybe it's only slowly growing in views because it's based on research to discuss the benefits of boron not just hype. Oh well, it's still growing nicely in views.

If I were to do it again, I'd incorporate voiceover like the other videos, and I'd also give the background imagery more life than they have here.

It's doing ok because it has some elements of a "viral video"... mainly the title: "____ things that happen to your body when you _______".

Still, what counts on your videos are views and this one keeps getting more all the time.