Don't Let The Black Swan Get You Down! Let's Reach Out To People Instead!

Maybe you've heard the phrase before "Black Swan Event"...

It's one of those completely unforeseen, devastating and earth shattering changes that happen which nobody predicted.

We're living through a "Black Swan Event" right now with the Coronavirus AND aftermath.

Most of us see Black Swan Events as all BAD.

And indeed they can be deadly. Just ask a dinosaur about that flash in the sky just before it all went "boom"!

But I suggest we find a way to seek the good even in this midst of this catastrophe.


During this difficult time when people are literally afraid to get too close to other people, let's take the opportunity to reconnect with friends from the past and make new friends even now.

To do that, I'm taking time to - not send just digital reminders - but to send personalized cards to people who are important to me.

I'd like to help you do the same, in fact, the FIRST CARD YOU SEND IS ON ME! Just use the contact form. Rea…